3 Sure-Fire Ways to Crack Open Your Intuitive Mind

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Or how to live life by following your inner guide

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Bob Samples

What made you decide to read this article?

Perhaps you saw the title and just had a gut feeling that it would prove useful to you.

We often make these sorts of quick decisions, without a lengthy analytic process, guided by our intuition.

Why would you want to open up your intuitive faculties?

For starters, in this rapidly changing world of misinformation, it will help you see through the lies and into the deeper truths.

Developing your intuition can help you make better decisions, make you more creative and give you guidance during dangerous situations.

There are many ways to start developing your intuitive abilities.  Here are three quick and easy methods to get you started.

Use symbols to trigger an intuitive response

Symbolism is the language of the unconscious mind and you can use it to become more intuitive.

Choose one symbol each morning from Symbols.com and focus on it.  then ask yourself, 'what does this symbol mean to me?" and record the answer that comes.

As you go about your day, watch for this symbol to show up and make a mental note of when it occurs.

Ask yourself a yes/no question

Yes or No, Which Way Do I Go?

Each morning, think of something that will happen that day and ask yourself a yes/no question about it and write it down.

Record your success or failure each evening.

Set a goal and ask yourself:

“how can I achieve X_?”

For example, “How can I make an extra $2500 this month for that new computer I have been looking at?

Practice being still and listening

Get a recording device and describe out loud what enters your mind, so it’s recorded on your device. Speak as rapidly as you can and describe what you see, hear and feel in as much detail as you can. When you get an answer, gently open your eyes and write down your understanding of that answer.

Playback the recording and note anything relevant. You will probably want to go through this exercise once a day for a few days at least, to get comfortable with this method of communication with Infinite Intelligence. Your intuition will come through stronger and stronger the more you listen to it and act on its messages.


Confidence will come with practice and feedback. Intuition is like other skills. Even though an artist has wonderful talent, certain amounts of training and practice are required to develop that talent. You wouldn't expect to take one or two tennis lessons and be an excellent player. Like any skill or talent, intuition takes practice and feedback to gain confidence.

Comment below on some of your favorite exercises to open your intuition.

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