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Located in the beautiful mountain of New Mexico, Randy Salars News And Comment has two primary purposes.

  1. To make you aware of what is really happening in the world around you by bringing you breaking news from alternative news providers.
  2. To give you a daily opinion article that will provide a tip, tool or advice on ways you can improve your life or situation.

While I may not be an intellectual or the smartest guy in the room, I do have some pretty good common sense and a lot of experience in this life in many different areas (which you can read more about in my LinkedIn profile).

We are starting to live in some unusual times and I am bringing this site online in the hopes that I can bring more awareness to developing situations worldwide and help people out with some practical advice.

Thanks for dropping by!

Randy Salars
~ Copywriter and marketing consultant. Author of ‘Stories And Recipes From The Soup Kitchen.’ Freedom lover, adventurer, and treasure hunter.


We have scoured the world for “hard to find” tools, information and techniques that are unique, fun and most importantly, affordable.

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We stand behind every product that goes out the door. So if for some odd reason, we haven’t lived up to our impeccably high standards, you’re protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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