Is Eros asleep at the wheel in our modern world?

Sex, Drugs, Love And Rock & Roll (What can I say?  I'm a 60's child :)

I've always believed that charity begins at home and your mission field should be your own backyard.  Neighbors should help neighbors and local churches, no matter the denomination should band together to solve communities' problems.

I ran a rescue mission in Silver City, NM for quite a few years and while there I was able to get a glimpse of human misery at its finest.  Here are a few stories that I wrote at the time in order to help our cause.

🐩Real Men Don't Walk Poodles

🔎The Search For Meaning

📖The Story Of Homeless Tom

🦨Stinkin' Thinkin' Or The Mindset Of Champions

🏠Michael Gets A Home

👼🏿Angels In Human Form

🛣️Life In The Slow Lane


Here are a few love poems to wake up the romantic in you

🌞The Sunset

🔥Don't Be Mine

🌊Waves Of Pleasure

🌶️A Special Connection

🧠Can You Remember?

👀Do You See Me?

🦁Beauty And The Beast

\* As a copywriter, I know that 'secks sells' so these sexual love poems are just a small enticement to get you to join our community as a free member.  All dedicated to my own lover but not nearly as good as the greatest love poet of all time.*\

Love Hurts! (Or Does It?)