The Story Of The Two-Headed Snake

There once was a two-headed snake.

He was rather indecisive as one head saw a nice mouse to eat and the other saw a baby rabbit so he was always being pulled in different directions.

(he was also rather skinny ๐Ÿ™‚

Now he reminds me of this great Nation we all live in.

Half of us want to go one way and half of us want to go the other.
Both of us are interested in what is good for the entire body, but we have different tastes and are being presented with different options.

As to who is presenting these different options, well that is the topic for another time.

But what I do know is that if we donโ€™t start to see things with one head or at least to take turns and compromise, that this snake is going to get ripped right down the middle.

~ Randy

Randy Salars

Randy Salars

Copywriter and marketing consultant. Author of โ€˜Stories And Recipes From The Soup Kitchen.โ€™ Freedom lover, adventurer, and treasure hunter.
Silver City, NM, USA